Experience the unique Rhenish hospitality in our cozy, modern
brewery/restaurant. Enjoy our Rhenish cuisine - wether you drink a typical
Düsseldorf Füchschen or eat a crispy freshly roasted pork knuckle - up to 200 guests can enjoy the food and drinks at Himmel & Ähd.



Our kitchen

Our specialty "Himmel & Ähd", fried black pudding, mashed potatoes,
baked onions and apple sauce (delicious!), Sauerbraten or a pancake with bacon and salad – at Himmel & Ähd you´ll enjoy the typical rhenish hospitality and definitely won´t leave hungry.

In addition to our menu we offer a daily menu with dishes from the region.
Simply come and enjoy a breakfast, lunch or dinner at Himmel & Ähd - or as we say „jode Honger!“

"Köbes, donn mech doch emol e lecker Alt"

Nothing beats a cold, fresh Füchschen beer -a beer that is brewed here in Düsseldorf at the Füchschen brewery.
We offer Füchschen Alt, non-alcoholic Füchschen and also the delicious and refreshing Füchschen rhubarb spritzer.

Don´t miss out!


"Wat hadde mr ne Spaß"

We always (almost) have a reason to celebrate! Wether its the typical rhenish Carnival, our anniversary or to simply just celebrate - with plenty of good beer and a DJ who ensures you´ll move your hips! Join us at our next event!

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"Och, kick ens aan!"

winter terrace
winter terrace
winter terrace
winter terrace

Opening hours



Nordstrasse 53
40477 düsseldorf
Open daily from
9.00 am -00.00 am
Fridays and saturdays
09.00 -01.00 UHR

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0211 4981361

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